Zinc Nickel Plating

DETAILS Plating – Zinc Nickel Plating Zinc Nickel is used as an environmentally and process friendly alternative to cadmium. Zinc-Nickel provides sacrificial corrosion protection, performing in the same way as Cadmium plating. The advantage of Zinc Nickel over cadmium is that it combines both the sacrificial properties of Zinc with the strength and corrosion resistance [...]

Anti-corrosion coatings

DETAILS Anti-corrosion coatings Poeton offer a wide variety of anti-corrosion paint systems that provide protection in wet, humid, mist and salty environments. Our anti-corrosion paints can be applied to a range of substrates and are available as either barrier, inhibitor or galvanic coatings. The right anti-corrosion system really depends on the substrate material, pre-treatment and [...]

Apticote 2000

A metal matrix coating comprising a mix of nickel with suspended silicon carbide particles deposited using a tailored process to ensure superior adhesion.

Apticote 810

The next generation of non-stick coatings; tougher, harder and with better release properties than conventional polymer coatings.

Apticote 800

A family of high-performance ceramic, cermet and metallic plasma coatings that can be applied to a wide variety of substrates.

Apticote 460

The protective benefits of low friction polymers are combined the natural hardness and corrosion resistance of nickel.

Apticote 400

A complex solution producing a thin and even coating that continues to perform even in the most extreme operating environments.

Apticote 350

Combines the hardness of aluminium oxide with the properties of fluorocarbon polymers to produce a hard and continuously lubricating surface.

Apticote 300

A range of anodising processes, including hard, sulphuric and TSA, each offering its own unique performance benefits.

Apticote 200

A range of polymer coatings that comprises high technology polymer-based formulations offering outstanding properties.