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Plasma Polymer Composite –
Apticote 810

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Apticote 810 is the next generation of non-stick coatings; tougher, harder and with better release properties than conventional polymer coatings, and with a formulation that we tailor to the needs of your particular application.

By combining Poeton’s thermal spraying and polymer techniques in a graded structure, from the substrate through to the working surface, Apticote 810 achieves a robust substrate bond, a tough, high load-carrying capacity coating with optimum non-stick properties.

Poeton can tailor the Apticote 810 formulation to your specific needs, using our extensive polymer coating range and our wide variety of thermally sprayed materials. Depending on your requirements – non-stick, low friction, wear resistance, corrosion protection, temperature resistance, USDA/FDA compliance, or combinations of those – Poeton can produce the right coating.


Contact us for the range of options and discuss the right treatment for your application.

Key Features

Rectangle with a layer peeling off showing non stick

Non-stick to a wide range of products

Up to 10x longer non-stick life than given by conventional polymer coatings.

Two rectangle parts rubbing against each other

Wear resistant

5x wear and scratch resistance of conventional polymer coatings.

Chemical bottles icon

Chemical Resistant

The polymer coating can be modified and adapted to suit the chemical resistance requirements.

Blue icon showing a rectangle sliding over another indicating low friction

High lubricity and low friction

The polymer elements ensure a friction coefficient as low as 0.11

Thermometer icon showing temperature change

High temperature capability

A wide operating temperature range from -200°C to +300°C

A lock icon on a shield for toughness

Tough, with high load-carrying capacity

5x load-carrying capacity of conventional polymer coatings

Chain link icon showing superb adhesion

Superb adhesion

The thermal spray application technique has been specifically developed for the Apticote 810 range of coatings to yield a surface texture which maximises the polymer adhesion.

FDA icon

USDA/FDA compliant

We can select or design an appropriate Apticote 810 in which the polymer and undercoat comply with the regulations for contact with food or medical products.


Food moulds

Providing a mould tool life increase for sticky abrasives products that conventional coatings couldn’t.

Confectionery processing

Extending the life of extrusion die tools for use with products so sticky it peels of conventional non-stick coatings.

Medical gauze

Reducing friction and wear on abrasive and sticky medical wear that previously cut through stainless steel.


Preventing build-up of deposits on packaging chutes caused by adhesion against an aluminium arm.


Part of the Apticote 810 range is offered in partnership with General Magnaplate and is also known as Plasmadize. Poeton are the only UK licensees of Magnaplate’s Plasmadize coatings. The Poeton – General Magnaplate relationship stretches back over 30 years in which time treatment solutions and expertise have been shared in order to provide the complete range of surface coatings to customers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Apticote 810