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Think it, do it

We’re in an age of life-changing innovation. Where we are building spacecraft that can explore the universe four billion miles away. Aircraft that can fly non-stop from one side of the world to the other. Industrial robots that can perform repeatable processes with incredible precision, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sometimes finding the right surface treatment solution can be the difference between just thinking it – and doing it.


Our Treatments, services & solutions

Poeton anodising line


Our advanced Apticote treatments, which provide unique, performance benefits and bespoke solution options, are available in addition to the complete selection of industry standard surface treatments.

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We will work with you to create a bespoke solution in order to provide the best possible solution for you. Backed up by world-class laboratories, a dedicated research and development team and years of experience you can count on Poeton to make it possible.

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research &

Designing the coatings of the future, today. Whether it’s in order to comply with the REACH legislation or the next generation composite coatings, our R&D team are constantly working to ensure we’re ready to solve your next challenge.


Over 100 Years Of Making Things Possible

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Aerospace & Defence

Providing the complete range of surface treatment solutions from a single supplier holding all necessary industry approvals and supported by a suite of NDT techniques.

Oil & Gas rig in the middle of the ocean

Oil & Gas

A comprehensive solution range that stands up to the harshest and most demanding environments, including protecting against aggressive chemical and salt water corrosion.

Medical tablets being packaged with silver foil

Medical & Healthcare

Solutions proven to improve the performance of medical components and enhance parts in the production & operation of pharmaceutical products, including FDA and USDA compliant coatings.

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A range of treatments designed for the automotive industry to tackle corrosion, wear and friction on lightweight alloys, as well as a Nickel Silicon Carbide alternative to Nikasil for engine cylinders.

Drinks bottles moving along a factory processing line

Food & Drink

Treatments that meet the sticky challenges of food & drink manufacturing whilst matching the demands for cleanliness and compliance to ensure machinery keeps working with the minimum of disruption.

Machining of a mould tool part

General Engineering

Precision coatings for a wide spectrum of engineering applications, solving problems including wear, corrosion, friction & galling and capable of enhancing the properties of a range of substrates.


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