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Apticote 600

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Apticote 600 is a specialist silver electroplating service offered in our Cardiff facility. The properties of silver make it an excellent choice in aerospace and defence, as well as for electronic components where a high level of electrical conductivity is required.

Silver gives excellent anti-fretting properties as well as providing a corrosion resistant surface and is FDA compliant for applications in the food and medical industries.

Our silver plating range conforms to several BS, Def.Stan and MIL specifications, covering aspects of the plating such as pre-treatment (coating adhesion), thickness (including the requirements for threaded parts), purity, any pre- or post-treatment, test methods and inspection.

Key Features

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Apticote 600 silver has a low coefficient of friction, making it ideal as an anti-galling (cross-transfer of metal, and subsequent adhesion and seizure). Stainless steel bolts, screw threads and parts made in titanium, can all be protected. Because of its oxidation resistance, Apticote 600 is ideal in fretting situations (splines, couplings, housings), where oxidation and subsequent abrasion by the oxide debris, is eliminated.

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The high conductivity makes silver plate ideal for heavy duty electrical contacts, including circuit breakers and slip-rings

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Apticote 600 is a fully bright, even coating, reflecting 95% of the visible spectrum after polishing.

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Thicknesses are typically between 10 and 25 microns. The bath composition contains a small amount of brightener additive (to give a slight sheen for electrical contact purposes), which prevents effective deposit thicknesses in excess of 50 microns.

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Apticote 600 is resistant to many organic acids, as well as sodium and potassium hydroxide. If sulphur is a hazard, special anti-tarnishing treatments can be applied to greatly increase the protection. Silver is not recommended for use with inorganic acids; nitric, hydrochloric, sulphuric, etc.


Aerospace splines and couplings

Electrical contacts

Larger copper slabs for pylons and power stations

Apticote 600