General Magnaplate joins global Apticote A20X™ supply chain to provide surface treatments in US

May 10, 2018

Poeton Industries Ltd has agreed an exclusive licensing agreement with US-based General Magnaplate for the Apticote A20X™ surface enhancement process, used for treating the innovative A20X™ aluminium alloy.

A20X™ has a unique solidification mechanism and highly refined microstructure giving it exceptional strength, fatigue and thermal performance characteristics in both cast and additively manufactured form. Developed and patented by Aeromet International Ltd, a leading UK-based aerospace casting supplier, A20X™ is now licensed to foundries around the world, including across North America, and is also available in powder form for additive manufacturing.

The agreement means that General Magnaplate will become the exclusive supplier of Apticote A20X™, which they will brand AptiMag-X™ in North America. Licensed A20X™ foundries, additive manufacturing companies and aerospace customers will be able to have parts treated with AptiMag-X™ at the company’s facilities in Linden, New Jersey and Arlington, Texas.

A20X™ is MMPDS certified (as AA205) and is the strongest cast aluminium alloy available today, with strength properties comparable to 7000 series wrought material. A20X™ cast and additively manufactured parts are in production today for major aerospace customers. The AptiMag-X™ treatment enhances the surface of A20X™ parts improving wear resistance, hardening and finish.

Adam Smith, Group Commercial Manager for Aeromet and A20X™ commented: “Aeromet are pleased to welcome General Magnaplate to the global A20X™ supply chain. By bringing AptiMag-X™ to North America, General Magnaplate will be well placed to support the growing number of aerospace and defence customers taking advantage of A20X™ advanced aluminium castings and additively manufactured parts”.

General Magnaplate joins global Apticote A20X™ supply chain to provide surface treatments in US