Alocrom replacements (Non hexavalent Chromate conversion coatings)

DETAILS Conversion Coating – Non-hexavalent Chromate Alocrom replacements Poeton has invested a huge amount of R&D resource over the last 7 years evaluating and perfecting the application methods of the Alocrom alternatives, such as: Surtec 650V, Iridite NCP, Socomore TCS PACS and Lanthane. Each of these alternatives has pros and cons and none of them [...]


DETAILS Conversion Coating – Alocrom/Alodine Alocrom (or Alodine in the US) is a Chromate conversion coating that is applied to aluminium alloys, which provides a level of corrosion protection. Alocrom is also good for paint adhesion and is electrically conductive. Poeton can apply the process to the MIL-DTL-5541 approval. Alocrom can be applied by either [...]