Dry film lubricant solutions are comprised of very small particles of lubricating agents mixed with a binding resin. The treated part is then cured to bond the surface to the substrate.

Poeton’s dry film lubricant treatments are used to reduce wear, galling and heat generation in a range of industrial applications and are commonly used in applications where wet lubricants would be unsuitable.

With 8 paint spray booths across 3 sites, a variety of pre-treatment and masking techniques and dedicated curing ovens, Poeton Industries can provide a comprehensive painting services. Poeton offers a wide range of paint systems to various defence standards, such as DEF-STAN, MIL-SPEC, as well as a multitude of aerospace approvals, such as Airbus, SAFRAN, Triumph and Collins Aerospace.

Poeton pride themselves on the quality of their paint finish, which can be attributed to the first-class equipment and extensive training. All our paint sprayers are fully trained to exacting standards, allowing us to paint the most complex of geometries.

We stock a wide range of paint systems, which can be applied to a variety of substrate materials. Our Technical Sales and R&D teams are on hand to assist in paint recommendations and specification interpretation.

Poeton offer state of the art thermal spraying equipment, plasma spraying , encompassing wire, electric arc, and high-energy processes, supported by sophisticated PC-controlled five axis robotic manipulation.

Our Sulzer Metco MultiCoat® can simultaneously control up to four thermal spray processes from a single console. With advanced processing, trending and reporting features, MultiCoat® offers superb performance and value for all types of spray operations, from R&D to high-volume production.

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a wide range of inspection processes that test for material flaws and defects without damaging or altering the parts.

Poeton’s NDT services allows for parts to be evaluated to main integrity and reliability as well as saving time and costs compared to other inspection methods.

Over the last 120 years, Poeton Industries has been at the forefront of plating technology and development. Having provided plating services to a wide range of industries covering a huge array of applications. In each instance, the plating technique has been carried out with exacting standards. Poeton’s R&D laboratories have developed many new processing and jigging techniques over the years and were pioneers in precision chrome plating.

Plating is the process of a metal being deposited onto the surface of a conductive material and is achieved through either electroplating or auto-catalytic plating. Poeton can offer plating treatments onto a range of substrates to enhance the properties including corrosion and wear resistance.

Anodising is a complex process that electrically converts the aluminium surface and sub-surface to a columnar structure of aluminium oxide. The porous structure can then be sealed with various chemistries to add additional properties.

Anodising can either be applied at room temperature for a thinner layer with some corrosion resistance or applied at 0°C for a thicker layer for better wear resistance.

Poeton offer a wide variety of anodising techniques, with each being tailored to provide different properties.