NDT – Conductivity testing


NDT – Conductivity Testing

Eddy current conductivity testing is an NDT technique that can be used to determine a range of properties of the part being test. Eddy conductivity testing can be used to examine the type of metal or alloy, type of heat treatment, aging of the alloy, effects of corrosion, heat damage, and temper as well as the hardness of non-magnetic materials. The electrical conductivity test can also be used to verify proper heat treatment if used on conjunction with hardness testing.

Electrical conductivity is usually expressed as a percentage of the conductivity of the International Annealed Copper Standard (%IACS) or Siemens/meter (S/m).

Materials Processed:

Nickel alloys, carbon steels, stainless steels, titanium alloys, aluminium alloys


Rectangle with a crack

Detects surface and near surface flaws

Corrosion icon - acid spilling on to rectangle

Detects corrosion

Shield with a clock for quick turnaround

Quick reliable and test parts require minimal preparation





NDT – Conductivity testing