Poeton Continues Support for Medical Manufacturers

June 29, 2020

Poeton Industries has continued its support for customers working on vital medical equipment used in treating coronavirus patients across the UK and Europe.

These important medical devices utilise a series of proprietary coatings from the Poeton Apticote range. These coatings offer performance enhancements above standard surface treatments including combining fluorocarbons with the properties of hard anodising and electroless nickel plating.

Two of the key coatings that are utilised in these sectors are the Apticote 350 and Apticote 480 coatings.

Apticote 350 is a hard-anodised polymer composite combining high hardness with low wear and low friction. Apticote 480 is a new nickel-polymer solution that provides an ultra-low friction, non-stick and corrosion resistance surface. Both of these solutions are unique to Poeton and can be tailored to provide the optimum set of benefits to each application in which they are applied.

Not only can these coatings be effective in components used in medical devices such as ventilators and pumps, but also in the production of medicines including tablet moulds and feed chutes. Applications extend even further, as these types of coatings have been successfully used within mechanisms in prosthetic legs, helping to reduce wear and friction in crucial moving parts.

Poeton Director of Sales & Marketing, Sean Hammond, comments:

“We are proud to have been doing our bit in response to the increased demand for medical equipment, patient handling equipment and ventilators. We have made a number of changes to our working practices to keep our team safe whilst undertaking this work”

Poeton are experienced in working with mission critical components, with extensive work carried out in the aerospace, manufacturing & medical sectors with the ability to quickly develop new solutions in response to customer demand.

Sean continues:

“Our Apticote 350 and Apticote 480 processes are ideal solutions the medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors. They each provide a host of key benefits to engineers, helping them overcome material challenges and keeping production lines moving.”

Poeton Continues Support for Medical Manufacturers