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Apticote 800

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The Apticote 800 Thermal Spraying range is a family of high-performance ceramic, cermet and metallic plasma coatings that can be applied to a wide variety of steel, titanium, aluminium and copper alloys, as well as to some non-metallic substrates.

Poeton offer modern thermal spraying equipment, encompassing wire, plasma spraying, electric arc, and high-energy processes, supported by sophisticated computer-controlled five-axis robotic manipulation.

Poeton boast an experienced and highly skilled thermal spraying team, backed by an ability to handle the most intricate and precise masking and tooling.



  • Alumunia, Chromium Oxide, Titania and blends
    • For wear resistance on crankshafts, pumps, piston rods, textile parts, seals and valve seats
  • Zirconia (Y-stabilised)
    • For thermal barriers and insulation on piston caps, grill plates, exhausts


  • Aluminium/Graphite, Aluminium/Polyester, Ni/Cr/Boron Nitride
    • For controlled bedding-in on components like turbine blades and stators


  • Tungsten Carbide/Co
    • For extreme toughness and wear resistance on compressor blades, flap tracks, lathe centres, capstans and seals
  • Chrome Carbide/Ni/Cr
    • For unsurpassed corrosion resistance on rams, lock gates, cranes, ship loading doors

Metals & Alloys

  • Molybdenum blend
    • For low friction and wear resistance on valve bodies, shifter forks, gear cones, piston rods and thrust washers
  • Copper and Nickel Aluminium Bronze, Mo/Ni/Al, Nickel Aluminium
    • For reclamation and repair on shafts or worn components, as well as corrosion resistant surfaces.

Key Features

Icon showing small pieces abrasively wearing a part

Reduces abrasive wear

Thermal plasma spray reduces both low stress abrasive wear with the use of ceramic and high stress abrasive wear through ceramic coatings.

Two rectangle vibrating together - fretting icon

Reduces fretting and surface fatigue

Tougher coatings, such as those using nickel based alloys, will resist cracking and oxidisation – both characteristics of fretting fatigue.

Icon showing small pieces falling off a rectangle

Erosion protection

Erosion, by impinging particles or fluids, is best resisted by tough plasma spray coatings rather than simply hard coatings.

4 arrows in a circle with a broken rectangle in the middle

Salvage of parts

Parts that have been damaged, worn or eroded can be reclaimed with thermal plasma sprays. The damaged areas are cleaned and blasted before being coated with a material that is a close match to the original substrate. The part is coated to an oversize before being ground back to size.

Corrosion icon - acid spilling on to rectangle

Corrosion protection

Nickel, chrome and cobalt based plasma sprays are used for corrosion protection and often sealed to close up any residual porosity.

Flame in a circle icon

Thermal barrier

Ceramic plasma sprays, such as alumina and yittria stabilised zirconia provide low conductivity and an oxygen diffusion barrier that protects vulnerable substrates.


Propeller hubs

Seal rings

Seal retainers

Piston rings


Compressor casings

Support rings

Pump plates

Heat shields

Propellant grids

Exhaust tubes

Apticote 800