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 Hard Anodising Polymer Composite
– Apticote 350

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The Apticote 350 Hard Anodising Polymer Composite range combines the hardness of aluminium oxide with the lubrication, wear resistance and corrosion protection of fluorocarbon polymers. The polymer is permanently locked within the structure of the newly formed hard anodised layer, resulting in a hard, continuously lubricating polymer/ceramic surface.

The hard anodising coating is combined with micro-scale polymer pigments ensuring that the polymer is absorbs deep into the anodising layer. Combining this with our highly accurate chemistry along with the professional laboratory, skilled operators and comprehensive quality inspections ensures that our Apticote 350 hard anodised polymer coating outperforms conventional coatings.


apticote 350L

For maximum hardness
and wear resistance

apticote 350R

High dielectric strength

apticote 350D

For maximum hardness
and lubricity

apticote 356

For FDA approved

apticote 350C

For improved fatigue
and strength

apticote 350F

FDA complaint for food
products and packaging

apticote 355

For maximum corrosion

Key Features

Blue icon showing a rectangle sliding over another indicating low friction

Extremely low friction

Apticote 350 composite hard anodised coatings are invaluable in an un-lubricated situation with a coefficient of friction as low as 0.10. The dispersion of polymer within the layer gives low friction throughout the component life, reduces wear on the counter face, and decreases frictional heating.

Diamond hardness testing icon

High hardness

The hard anodising process transforms the surface into aluminium oxide with a base hardness of over 2500Hv. However, the open structure of micropores means the measured hardness is around 400 to 500Hv and is not influenced by the polymer content. The purest alloys give the highest hardness as elements such as copper and silicon cause additional porosity.

Icon showing small pieces abrasively wearing a part

Very low wear

Hard anodising polymer coatings provide superb wear protection in sliding and adhesive wear situations. Apticote 350 is ideal for slideways, bearings and calibrators, where low stick-slip is required.

Corrosion icon - acid spilling on to rectangle

Excellent corrosion protection

Apticote 350 maximises the corrosion protection by combining a hard anodic layer with an anti-corrosion seal and an additional polymer barrier. For these benefits plus FDA approval, see our Apticote 356 variant.

Blue rectangle showing growth on top

Superb control of coating thickness

The Apticote process employs special jigging and power supplies to allow for thicker coatings of up to 75 microns.

Icon showing an even coverage of material on a substrate

Uniform coverage

Apticote 350 hard anodising provide a completely uniform surface layer of predictable thickness. Component surface growth is approximately 50% of the total coating thickness so that final dimensions can be accurately predicted. For optimum results, sharp corners should be relieved as much as possible. This reduces the cost of machining and grinding and improved the precision of manufacture.

Rectangle with a layer peeling off showing non stick

Non-stick / Non-wetting

Apticote 350 imparts non-stick properties, with reduced drag or torque during initial running. Polymer is also available on the surface to provide a start-up and assembly aid. The polymer is both oleophobic and hydrophobic, so the coatings repel water and oil and are self-cleaning. Apticote 350F is particularly effective in food applications.

Blue icon showing lines pointing to three different boxes

Coats a range of aluminium alloys

Anodising can be applied to most aluminium alloys including those most used in aerospace and defence applications – grades 2124 (T3), 7175 and 6082. Alloys with a silicon content greater than 10% or more than 5% copper are unsuitable.








Oil and gas


Apticote 350 is offered in partnership with General Magnaplate and is also known as Tufram. Poeton are the only UK licensees of Magnaplate’s Tufram coatings. The Poeton – General Magnaplate relationship stretches back over 30 years in which time treatment solutions and expertise have been shared in order to provide the complete range of surface coatings to customers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Apticote 350