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Apticote 2000

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Apticote Ceramic 2000 is the premier cylinder bore coating technology, providing superior performance to that given by conventional Ni/Ceramic composite electroplates. Apticote 2000 is a metal matrix coating comprising a mix of nickel with suspended silicon carbide particles. Poeton’s technology and tailored process ensures superior adhesion to the substrate as well as being slicker and harder than similar coatings.

Key Features

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High hardness

560-600Hv, controlled with precise chemistry and ceramic content. The ceramic filler is distributed evenly throughout the coating thickness, with the content optimised for a combination of wear resistance and toughness.

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Low friction

Two rectangle parts rubbing against each other

Little or no wear

Icon showing an even coverage of material on a substrate

High precision

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Coats a range of surfaces

Apticote 2000 can be applied to cast iron, steel or aluminium alloys; liners, cylinders or blocks. Easy honing on engine cylinders

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Superb bonding to substrate


Rotary Housings

Engine cylinder bores

Cylinder linings


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Poeton’s specialist division specialising in cylinder bore coating for engines used in motorbikes, drones, cars and racing karts. A replacement for traditional Nikasil coatings, Apticote 2000 is a Nickel Ceramic solution that provides superior adhesion and is inspired by Poeton’s research and development in the aerospace sector.

Find out more about Aptec Motorsport at www.poetonaptec.co.uk

Apticote 2000