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There’s no cylinder bore coating like Apticote 2000

Aptec Motorsport is Poeton’s specialist division focusing on cylinder bore coating for engines used in motorbikes, drones, cars and racing karts. A replacement for traditional Nikasil coatings, Apticote 2000 is a Nickel Ceramic solution that provides superior adhesion and is inspired by Poeton’s research and development in the aerospace sector.

The Apticote 2000 Advantage

  • Extended cylinder life – Ultra-wear resistant with a slicker, harder coating that’s better bonded to the substrate
  • Higher performance – Even in the most demanding race conditions, from karts and off-roaders to GP bikes
  • Superior oil retention – When you need it most, right up to and over 18,000 rpm, with improved resistance to scuffing
  • Reduced friction – Between cylinder wall and piston ring, plus better surface lubricant retention
  • Improved power – Delivering extra race-winning power over original supply or steel sleeves


  • Cylinder plating – 2 and 4 strokes engines, liners and rotary cylinders replated with Apticote 2000 Nickel Ceramic.
  • Cylinder repair – Damage caused by piston and ring failure can be weld repaired prior to applying the new coating.
  • Cylinder honing – Ensuring the correct surface finish by honing coated cylinder to precisely match Apticote 2000’s deposit characteristics.
  • Port dressing – Extra care is taken to dress port edges to give the minimum chamfer allowing for exact port timing.
  • Cylinder express – When your re-bore cannot wait, get up and running faster with cylinder express – replating and repairs in only four days.
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