About Poeton


We do everything possible to make it possible for you

Today, designers, engineers and manufacturers like you are pushing conventional materials to their limit. Finding the right surface treatment solution is critical if your components are to succeed in new, challenging or extreme operating conditions.

The stakes are high: even marginal improvements in component efficiency or lifespan can deliver huge benefits.

Poeton has been a pioneer in surface treatment solutions for over 120 years. It’s in our DNA to work collaboratively with you, to help you push limits and achieve your goals.

So the machines you are helping to build now can outperform everything that’s gone before.

We have the desire, expertise and R&D capability to deliver

As well as offering a complete selection of industry standard coatings and treatments, our Apticote range offers unique performance advantages. And we will always invest in developing new, bespoke solutions to meet our partners exact needs when it’s required.

Surface coatings are our only focus. We also have robust processes and systems in place to ensure we deliver on our service promises – our goal is to never let our customers down, delivering every order on time and in full.

And when you have an urgent requirement or an Aircraft On Ground (AOG), we’ll do all we can to turn your order around turning orders around fast.

It’s this proven expertise and dependable service that’s led us to become accredited partners to the world’s largest Aerospace & Defence OEMs, including Airbus, Boeing, MOOG, Safran and UTC.

If you require an industry standard coating or treatment; we supply it. If you have a problem; we solve it. If you have an innovative idea, we help you bring it to life.

That’s why we say ‘Poeton makes its possible’.

Tow employees preparing yellow anodised part for packing
Fluorescent penetrant inspection being carried out
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