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Wear Resistant Coatings

wear resistant coatings

There are many types of wear mechanisms, including adhesive wear, abrasive wear, erosion, corrosive wear, galling and fretting. In some cases wear can occur via a combination of these mechanisms, and appreciating the factors that are causing wear to occur is very important when engineering the proper wear resistant coatings.

To understand these fully, we recommend you read our tutorial on wear and wear resistant coatings.

For wear resistance, Poeton offer a wide range of hard and tough coatings. (Please follow the links to the product pages for detailed data on applications and wear resistance.)

Thermal spray coatings, specifically carbides (cermets) and oxides (ceramics). One of the most wear resistant coatings is CrC/Ni/Cr, suitable in both abrasive wear and adhesive wear situations. We recommend thermal spray solutions for the most aggressive wear situations.

Hard Chrome Plating. This traditional electroplated coating has a high hardness and toughness. It is one of the most enduring wear resistant coatings, with wide ranging applications for anti-abrasion and adhesive wear problems.

Electroless Nickel. This is a moderately wear resistant coating, offering additional properties of corrosion resistance and anti-fretting. For best wear resistance, it needs to be heat-treated to produce a high hardness.

Hard Anodising. Applicable only to aluminium alloys, hard anodising produces a hard oxide wear resistant coating, transformed from the parent metal rather than deposited as a separate coating. It provides good wear resistance in mildly abrasive situations, but is not suitable for high loads. A more energetic form of hard anodising, termed Plasma Electric Oxidation, creates oxides with much high hardness, and can provide exceptional low stress abrasive wear resistance.

wear resistant coatings

Such low friction coatings are applicable across a wide range of industrial sectors. Please follow the Markets menu tag on our Home Page to find your specific industry.