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Composite non-stick coatings tailored to your needs


substrateApticote 810 is the next generation of non-stick coatings, tougher, harder and with better release properties than conventional polymer coatings, and with a formulation that we tailor to the needs of your particular application.

Apticote 810 combines the Poeton thermal spraying and polymer technologies in a unique formulation, a process that solves the universal problem – ‘How do you get a non-stick coating to bond to the substrate?

The best non-stick coatings are relatively soft, and they are easily damaged, extruded or peeled off the substrate – too often they fail long before their potential life against a sticky product has been realised. By cleverly blending the two coating techniques in a graded structure, from the substrate through to the working surface, Apticote 810 achieves a robust substrate bond, a tough, high load-carrying capacity coating and the optimum non-stick.

The coatings cost a bit more, but the benefits in longer life, reduced downtime and improved quality produce a large payback for the user.

Range of samples coated with Apticote 810

Our commitment

We can tailor the Apticote 810 formulation to your specific needs, using our extensive polymer coating range and our wide variety of thermally sprayed materials. Depending on your requirements – non-stick, low friction, wear resistance, corrosion protection, temperature resistance, USDA/FDA compliance, or combinations of those we can deliver the performance you need.

Our Commitment is to work with you to create the best possible coating system to meet your in-service requirements.

USDA/FDA Compliance

If the application demands USDA/FDA compliance, which is common, we will select or design an appropriate Apticote 810 in which the polymer and undercoat comply with the regulations for contact with food or medical products.

Follow this link to see a list of our compliant coatings, which includes some primary grades of Apticote 810. And follow this link to read a wider explanation of how compliance is handled.

Performance of Apticote 810
  • Friction coefficient as low as 0.11
  • Salt mist endurance up to 2000 hours
  • Temperature range -200 to + 300°C
  • Resistant to alkaline, saline and acidic environments
  • Up to 10 times longer non-stick life than given by conventional polymer coatings
  • 5 times the load-carrying capacity of conventional polymer coatings
  • 5 times the wear and scratch resistance of conventional polymer coatings
Features of Apticote 810
  • Non-stick to a wide range of products
  • Protects the substrate from corrosion
  • Wear resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • High lubricity and low friction
  • High temperature capability
  • Tough, with high load carrying capacity
  • Tenaciously bonded to the substrate
  • USDA/FDA compliant

Some Apticote 810 successes

Dog Bone Moulds
Dog bone moulds

An abrasive product, as well as being sticky, so that moulds were lasting only three weeks. Apticote 810 gave a 4 fold increase in the mould life and doubled the production rate

Dough hopper and knives
Dough hopper and knives

A food processing application, requiring strict FDA compliance. Apticote 810 extended the clean-down period by 3-fold and reduced dough consumption by 30%


The product was so sticky that it peeled off conventional non-stick coatings in just two days of production. One of our Apticote 810 coatings (FDA compliant) on the extrusion dies and fingers has hugely extended the life

Medical Guaze
Medical gauze

An abrasive medical product, as well as being sticky, cutting through stainless steel guides in just one production shift. Apticote 810 reduced the friction, and lowered the wear by 10-fold. Down time was reduced and the production rate was increased.


Packages were pushed down a chute by an aluminium arm. Metal from the arm was adhering to the chute, creating a deposit that slowed the packing transfer rate. Apticote 810 on the chute prevented the adhesive wear, eliminated the build-up and increased the transfer rate by 50%

Doctor Blades
Doctor blades

Heated blades used in the manufacture of plastic sheet were suffering from severe wear and sticking problems, with plastic building up on the surface and staining the film.

A high temperature version of Apticote 810 eliminated the build-up completely, providing a massive improvement to the product quality.

more info about thermal spraying



Poeton Industries licenses specific coating technologies from General Magnaplate and these include the highly successful 'Plasmadize®'. For more about Plasmadize®, please follow this link, and for more on General Magnaplate, follow this link

Technical Data Sheet

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