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 Apticote 800 

Apticote 800 Thermal Spray Coatings

Plasma Spraying

The Apticote 800 Thermal Spraying range is a family of high performance ceramic, cermet and metallic coatings that can be applied to a wide range of steel, titanium, aluminium and copper alloys, as well as to some non-metallic substrates.

Poeton offer modern thermal spraying equipment, encompassing wire, plasma spraying, electric arc, and high-energy processes, supported by sophisticated PC-controlled five axis robotic manipulation.

Poeton boast an experienced and highly skilled thermal spraying team, backed by an ability to handle the most intricate and precise masking and tooling.

A fully equipped laboratory, with high quality metallography, image analysis and optical imaging, provides the expert support that underpins our formal Approvals, including NADCAP, BSI and Industry Approvals.

The Latest Technology -
The Sulzer METCO TRIPLEX Pro™ - 210 Robot Plasma Spraying System
triplex gun

TriplexPro™- 210

Poeton Industries have installed a Sulzer Metco TriplexPro™- 210 Robot Plasma Spraying System, offering the ultimate in spraying performance, particularly for ceramic coatings.

Its cutting-edge design is unavailable on any other thermal spraying gun and sets new standards of effectiveness, efficiency, economics and environmentally-friendly design.

Our Sulzer Metco MultiCoat® High Performance Thermal Spray Controller
multi gun control equipment

MultiCoat® Thermal Spray Controller

MultiCoat® can simultaneously control up to four thermal spray processes from a single consol. With advanced processing, trending and reporting features, MultiCoat® offers superb performance and value for all types of spray operations, from R&D to high-volume production.

  • Plasma spray (single and triple cathode guns)
  • HVOF spray (gas and liquid fuel)
  • Combustion powder spray
  • Combustion wire spray
  • Ceramic coatings

Advantages of the TRIPLEX Pro™ - 210 Plasma Spraying System

Lower Unit Prices: - Using the TriplexPro™- 210 plasma spraying system has allowed reductions of 7% to 15% for customers, depending on material costs.

Efficient: - With TriplexPro™- 210 thermal spraying times are reduced, so we can offer quicker turn-round.

Highly Flexible: - TriplexPro™- 210 plasma spraying system allows for the application of a wide range of air plasma powders, enabling Poeton to offer you the best coating at all times.

More Effective: - TriplexPro™- 210 plasma sprayed coatings are harder, denser and smoother, giving you greatly improved performance.

Some of our applications

  • Propeller hubs
  • Seal rings
  • Seal retainers
  • Piston rings
  • Rotatables
  • Compressor Casings
  • Support rings
  • Pump plates
  • Heat shields
  • Propellant grids
  • Exhaust tubes
Near-Net Plasma Spraying
Near Net Tubes

Poeton have developed a unique near-net shape plasma spraying technique capable of creating highly accurate components from powdered metal, melted and sprayed onto precision formers.

The Apticote 800 coating range covers ceramic coatings, cermets, abradables, metals and alloys, thermal barriers and metal/polymer composites.

Abradables – by TRIPLEX Pro™ - 210 plasma spraying

Aluminium/Graphite, Aluminium/Polyester, Ni/Cr/Boron Nitride

For controlled bedding-in on components like turbine blades and stators.

close inspection

Close inspection

Metals & Alloys – by combustion wire and powder spraying

Molybdenum blend

For low friction and wear/scuffing resistance on valve bodies, shifter forks, gear cones, piston rods and thrust washers.

Copper and Nickel Aluminium Bronze, Mo/Ni/Al, Nickel Aluminium

For reclamation and repair on shafts or worn components, as well as for corrosion resistant surfaces.


Ceramic Coatings – by TRIPLEX Pro™ - 210 plasma spraying

Plasma sprayed chromium oxidePlasma sprayed chromium oxide
(100 microns)

Alumina, Chromium Oxide, Titania and blends

Ceramic coatings for wear and abrasion resistance on crankshafts, pumps, piston rods, textile parts, seals and valve seats.

Zirconia (Y-Stabilised)

For thermal barriers and insulation on piston caps, grill plates, exhausts, etc.


Cermets – by TRIPLEX Pro™ - 210 plasma spraying
Plasma sprayed WC/Co

Plasma sprayed WC/Co (100 microns)

Tungsten Carbide/Co

For extreme toughness and wear resistance on compressor blades, flap tracks, lathe centres, capstans and seals.

Chrome Carbide/Ni/Cr

For unsurpassed corrosion resistance on rams, lock gates, cranes, ship loading doors, etc.

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