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‘Stay C(lean) In Between’™ Big sanitation protection from small particles


Anti-microbial materials based on metal complexes have become an effective weapon in the war against the deadly microbes that cause food-borne illnesses, hospital infections and contaminated drugs. Yet these anti-microbial materials have shown a limited ability to deliver microbe resistance as part of a comprehensive surface enhancement treatment - until now!

A new anti-microbial coating technology from Poeton Industries Ltd eliminates this limitation by offering microbe resistance in conjunction with other beneficial surface properties. Called Apticote MAGnanoSHIELD, this new coating technology can be incorporated into many of Poeton Industries Ltd proven surface-enhancement coating range. So now it’s possible to specify a single coating that not only resists microbe growth and is FDA compliant, but also provides protection against friction, wear, moisture, chemical exposures and more.

Because Apticote MAGnanoSHIELD is incorporated with Poeton Industries Ltd existing wear-resistant coatings, it also offers durability and substrate compatibility that earlier anti-microbial materials could not achieve.

laboratorycoating schematic

(‘Nedox’ is offered by Poeton under our Apticote 460 banner)

Apticote MAGnanoSHIELD provides protection to stay clean in between sanitation cycles. Independent laboratory testing proves that MAGnanoSHIELD is effective in eliminating:

Bacteria Fungus strains
Staphyoccocus aureus (gram positive) Gliocladium virens ATCC 9645
E. coli (gram negative) Aspergillus niger ATCC 9642
L. monocytogenes (gram positive) Penicillium pinophilum ATCC 11797
  Chaetomium globosum ATCC 6205
  Aureobasidium pollulans ATCC 15233

Keep it CLEAN with MAGnanoSHIELD by improving sanitation

  • Anti-microbial protection (99.9999% reduction in bacteria and fungus)
  • Interferes with DNA replication
  • Damages the cell wall of microbes, altering cell membrane permeability
  • Combines with bacteria proteins located in the cell wall and cytoplasm, which interferes
    with normal cell functions
  • FDA compliant

Keep it LEAN with MAGnanoSHIELD by improving production efficiency

  • Reduce chemical cleaning materials
  • Reduce maintenance man hours
  • Increase production run times
  • Reduce water usage
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