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Advanced Anodic Composites

Apticote 355 and 356 are the latest technology breakthrough from Poeton Industries, whereby hard anodic films on aluminium alloys can now offer unsurpassed levels of corrosion resistance, levels that far exceed those achieved with standard hard anodic films.

Nadcap & ISO 9001-2008 Approved

Apticote 355 and 356 can be processed in volume, using fully programmable CNC power source and an automated production line to achieve reliable repeatability.

Processing is supported by a Quality Plan and Data Card to ensure compliance with the customer drawings and specification.

Complex masking can be undertaken to ensure the coating is applied only where required.
Ancillary treatments such as Alochrom can be applied to uncoated areas.

For further information and technical support on these two new and exciting processes for aluminium alloys, please use the Poeton Helpline button in the top navigation bar.
Apticote 355 - for Aerospace and Defence

Apticote 355 offers up to 15,000 hours of salt spray protection (MIL-A-8625 & ASTM B-117) on aluminium alloys, which makes it ideal for the most arduous of defence and marine applications. Its corrosion protection for aluminium alloys far exceeds that stipulated in all the major aerospace and defence specifications, and is much greater than that provided by conventional anodised/polymer in-filled composites.

salt spray test data

Salt-spray test data to ASTM B177.73

Apticote 355 is already established in a number of very arduous defence applications:

  • Towed arrays
  • Robots
  • Cameras
  • Missile Launch Rails

More info about anodising

Apticote 356 - for Food and Medical

Apticote 356 is compliant for use in ‘food contact involving repeated use, such as food processing equipment’. No other anodic surface treatment can give aluminium parts 10,000 hours of salt spray corrosion and meet NSF 51 standards.

It also brings a host of other advantageous properties:

  • Permanent dry lubricity
  • Chemical resistance
  • Hardness equivalent to 65Rc
  • High dielectric strength (2,000V)
  • Good surface release
  • Low Coefficient of Friction
  • Moisture resistance
  • Excellent resistance to heat and UV light
  • Wear resistance - exceeds all major Spec requirements in Taber tests
  • Coating performs at temperatures from
    -79C to 316C

Above all, Apticote 356 provides the best 'wash-down' surface for the most sticky situations in food processing, including aluminium alloy mixers, pumps, vanes, hoppers and chutes. That, combined with its unrivalled corrosion protection, means it is the ideal coating for those products that defy conventional non-stick treatments.

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