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Tufram low friction and non-stick coatings

Enhanced protection for aluminium components

tufram coatings

Tufram® coatings for aluminium far out-perform conventional hard anodising and similar processes when it comes to corrosion resistance, friction reduction and hardness.

Resists Corrosion. Tufram coatings are highly resistant to corrosion in acid and alkaline chemicals. In salt spray testing, for example, Tufram on high strength aluminium exceeds the AMS 2482 requirement of 336 hours. Submersion tests in strong acids at 120șC show no effect after more than 170 hours.

Reduces Friction. Tufram's low coefficient of friction protects against a wide variety of abrasive wear mechanisms and galling. It also reduces stick-slick behaviour and the resulting vibrations in sliding motion applications.

Improves Hardness. Tufram dramatically improves the surface hardness of aluminium; to levels comparable with case-hardened steel or hard chrome plate.

Replaces more expensive substrates. Tufram not only improves the performance and durability of aluminium components, but often allows easily machinable aluminium to replace engineering steel or stainless in many applications.

Technical Advantages

Tufram's properties surpass those of all conventional aluminium coatings, including hard anodising, polymer impregnated hard anodising and sulphuric anodising. Tufram's property advantages include:

For coatings modelled on the Tufram process offered by Poeton, please read our Apticote 350 product page.

(Tufram® is a trade mark of General Magnaplate and offered under license by Poeton Industries who are the sole licensee in the UK, Singapore and the South East Asian region.)