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Technical Services
offered by Poeton

Poeton are at the forefront of research and development in Surface Engineering, with comprehensive testing facilities, an innovative outlook to new developments and unparalleled project management skills.

We have developed a wide range of new products, licensed them worldwide, undertaken ground-breaking research into all aspects of the surface coating task, including quality, environmental, industrial performance and processing, as well as underpinned our work with unique coating selection principles.

With such a background, Poeton can offer an unrivalled technical service to our customers.

What do you get for your money?

Poeton R&D Services undertake to provide you with a professional, well-managed and reported package of work.

It will be unbiased, accurate and thorough, aimed at solving YOUR problems, and NOT providing business for our coating services.

Optical Microscopy

Sophisticated facilities; optical and scanning electron microscopy, metallography, image analysis, Atomic Absorption (AA), chemical analysis, profilometry, hardness, stereo microscopy, wear and corrosion test equipment.


Metallography and Scanning Electron Microscopy

Our Services to Industry

Consultancy & Design Support

• Application consultancy
• On-site consultations
• Design and material selection advice
• Pre-production trials and testing
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Contracted R&D

• Wear testing
• Corrosion testing
• Coating trials
• Support for new coating development
• Component/Coating development trials


• Application and selection workshops
• Process training
• Tribology and corrosion

Failure Analysis Projects and Coating Characterisation

• Optical Microscopy
• Scanning Electron Microscopy
• Metallography
• Chemical analysis
• Atomic Absorption technique
• Benchmarking

Testing Facilities & Capabilities

Taber Abrasion

Salt fog testingNeutral Salt Fog Mist Cabinets



Metallography and Surface Studies

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