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Apticote Thermal Spray Coatings

Poeton offer modern thermal spraying equipment, encompassing wire, plasma spraying, electric arc, and high-energy processes, supported by sophisticated PC-controlled five axis robotic manipulation.

Our Sulzer Metco MultiCoat® can simultaneously control up to four thermal spray processes from a single console. With advanced processing, trending and reporting features, MultiCoat® offers superb performance and value for all types of spray operations, from R&D to high-volume production.

Thermal Spray Coatings

A800 - Thermal Spray Coatings

The Aptocote 800 Thermal Spraying range is a family of high performance ceramic, cermet and metallic coatings that can be applied to a wide range of steel, titanium, aluminium and copper alloys, as well as some non-metallic substrates.

Poeton Industries have installed a Sulzer Metco TriplexPro™ - 200 Robot Plasma Spraying System, offering the ultimate in spraying performance. Its cutting-edge design is unavailable on any other thermal spraying gun and sets new standards of effectiveness, efficiency, economics and environmentally-friendly design.

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Thermal Spray/Polymer Composite

A810 - Thermal Spray/Polymer Composite

Apticote 810 is the next generation of non-stick coatings, tougher, harder and with better release properties than conventional polymer coatings, and with a formulation that we tailor to the needs of your particular application.

Apticote 810 combines the Poeton thermal spraying and polymer technologies in a unique formulation, a process that solves the universal problem – ‘How do you get a non-stick coating to bond to the substrate?

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