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Plasmadize low friction and non-stick coatings

Thermal spray for extended wear life

plasmadize coatings

Plasmadize® is an enhanced thermal spray composite coating that protects and restores metal parts, and has increased lubricity and better mould release than conventional spray methods. An infused matrix of metals, ceramics, polymers and dry lubricants create a structural integrity and non-porous, moisture-proof surface.

Plasmadize resistance in salt spray testing can range from 300 to 4,000 hours, depending on which polymer and substrate is used. The appropriate selection of infused polymer or another surface polymer provides a highly lubricious non-stick surface with a coefficient of friction as low as 0.13 against ground steel.

Technical Advantages of Plasmadize

Plasmadize provides superior properties compared to common coatings such as thermal spray, plasma spray, HVOF, metalizing, twin arc, wire arc and thermal powder deposition. Plasmadize properties include:

For coatings modelled on the Plasmadize process offered by Poeton, please read our Apticote 810 product page.

(Plasmadize® is a trade mark of General Magnaplate and offered under license by Poeton Industries who are the sole licensee in the UK, Singapore and the South East Asian region.)