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Non-Stick Coatings

non stick coatings

Non-stick coatings normally include a low surface energy polymer, typically a fluoropolymer like PTFE (commonly referred to as TEFLON). Non-stick coatings can be simply the polymer itself, usually sprayed and baked on to the part, often with a primer to provide effective adhesion. The non-stick polymer may be reinforced with a hard filler to provide increased wear resistance.

Other non-stick coatings can be produced by adding the non-stick polymer to another, harder, coating, such as electroless nickel or a thermal spray ceramic.

To understand the principles of non-stick more fully, we recommend you read our tutorial on friction and non-stick

Poeton offer a wide range of non-stick coatings. (Please follow the links to the product pages for detailed data on applications and non-stick capability.)

Polymer Composites. Under the Apticote 200 series, there are six different non-stick coatings. Their properties are individually tailored so that some are wear resistant (but with slightly inferior non-stick) and others are softer, best suited as non-stick coatings. We recommend you read our Designers Guide on Apticote 200 for much more detailed information.

Hard Anodising Composite Coatings. Applicable only to aluminium alloys, hard anodising composites produce a hard oxide wear resistant coating infused or topped with a low surface energy polymer (Apticote 350), transformed from the parent metal rather than deposited as a separate coating. It is an excellent non-stick coating, most suited for lightweight moulds.

Thermal Spray Composites Thermal spray ceramics, with a tailored structure, can be infused with self-lubricating polymers to provide extremely durable non-stick coatings. These coatings solve the difficult problem of how to ensure that a non-stick coating effectively adheres to the substrate, and doesn’t simply peel off.

non stick coatings

Such low friction coatings are applicable across a wide range of industrial sectors. Please follow the Markets menu tag on our Home Page to find your specific industry.