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Nedox low friction and non-stick coatings

nedox coatings

By offering superior protection against wear, friction and corrosion, Nedox® can help less durable metals achieve the longevity and performance of hard chrome and stainless steel.

Nedox exceeds the physical properties of common industry coatings, such as nickel plating, electroless nickel plating, sulphamate nickel, Nickel/PTFE and other polymer impregnated electroless nickels.

Nedox is well-known for its ability to eliminate stick-slip and to act as an anti-galling coating in a wide variety of applications. In food and pharmaceutical applications it is used as a low friction coating and as a non-stick coating. It also performs well in chemically corrosive environments an all round corrosion resistant coating, including wash-down and uranium-enrichment applications with UF6 exposure. Nedox is also highly resistant to salt spray.

Technical Advantages

Nedox offers the following advantages:

For coatings modelled on the Nedox process offered by Poeton, please read our Apticote 460 product page.

(Nedox® is a trade mark of General Magnaplate and offered under license by Poeton Industries who are the sole licensee in the UK, Singapore and the South East Asian region.)