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New Poeton coating transforms the structural characteristics of magnesium

/live/stories/apt3200b.jpgSurface coating specialist Poeton Industries has developed an exciting new coating that promises major benefits for customers in industries such as automotive, aerospace and telecoms who require the combination of ultra light weight, excellent wear properties, low friction and corrosion resistance.

The innovative coating, named Apticote 3200B, features a special low friction polymer formulation that transforms the structural characteristics of lightweight metals such as aluminium and magnesium, producing stronger and more resilient versions of these increasingly popular alloys.

Says Poeton managing director Colin John: "The considerable efforts to make magnesium affordable for the automotive and other industries, have been matched by the development of coatings such as Apticote 3200B, which dramatically increases its versatility."

He quotes one automotive customer that has achieved a 35% weight saving by switching from a hard anodised aluminium actuator barrel to a magnesium barrel coated with Apticote 3200B.

"The anodized aluminium component weighed 689 grams compared to 448 grams for the same component in coated magnesium." He says, adding that the weight reduction had also enabled the customer to reduce the weight of the drive motor and therefore the power consumption needed to turn the barrel!"
He confirms that the new coating has captured the imagination of designers around the world and, following enquiries through the Poeton website, testing is ongoing with a number of customers who are producing a wide range of products.

21 April 2010

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