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Eden is the perfect environment for Spirax Sarco

/live/stories/eden.jpgPoeton Industries Limited, a world leader in surface coating technology, has won a substantial order from its Gloucestershire neighbour Spirax Sarco thanks to a recent £90,000 investment in EDEN - a special environmental dialysis system designed to reduce waste from the coating process.

Cheltenham based Spirax Sarco, a supplier of products and services worldwide for the control of steam and other industrial fluids, adheres to a strict environmental policy when selecting its supplier partners. The company placed the order with Poeton after sample coatings proved that the combination of Poeton's new automated electroless nickel line and the EDEN environmental system, provided consistently high standards of corrosion protection for a range of steam traps and control and metering products.

Explains Poeton R&D Manager, Dr John Archer, "Eden provides continuous and very precise control of the electroless nickel solution, which means we achieve much more consistent plating rates and finer tolerances."

A spokesman for Spirax Sarco agrees: "We were impressed with Poeton's ability to deliver such a high quality, 'right first time' corrosion resistant coating, and equally impressed with the more attractive finish it provided for our cast iron components. "

The steam traps are coated with Apticote 400, a nickel/phosphorous coating that combines the natural hardness and corrosion resistance of nickel to provide superior wear, abrasion and chemical resistance.

To ensure on-time delivery for Spirax Sarco's monthly production schedule, Poeton also provides a weekly collection and delivery service and has the flexibility to operate its electroless-nickel lines 24-hours a day to meet any increases in demand.

To discuss surface treatments, sample part processing or technical advice call Poeton Industries now on 01452 300500.

Editors Note:

EDEN - 'Electro Dialysis for Electroless Nickel' - works by continuously cleaning the process solution in Poeton's two electroless nickel lines. It has reduced monthly volumes of spent process solutions by 1500 litres and virtually eliminated the generation of hazardous heavy metal waste.

Poeton believes it is the first UK surface treatment specialist to install the EDEN environmental system.

16 April 2010

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