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New coatings - Launched by Poeton Industries

  1. New coating range launched Today’s food & beverage packaging suppliers are looking to increase per-hour throughput and reduce machine downtime and in many instances the limiting factor is the ability of a non-stick coating to survive at operating temperatures above 260C. Our ‘10K’™ range consistently provides superb non-stick characteristics at extremely high operating temperatures, are all FDA compliant & can be applied to our existing Apticote range. 10K1™ non-stick up to 538°C 10K2™ non-stick up to 538°C 10K3™ non-stick up to 454°C

    1. We're cover more than just aerospace! New anti-microbial coating: Apticote MAGnanoSHIELD can be incorporated into many of Poeton Industries Ltd proven surface-enhancement coating range. Key benefits: 1- Anti-microbial protection (99.9999% reduction in bacteria and fungus) 2- Interferes with DNA replication 3- Damages the cell wall of microbes, altering cell membrane permeability 4- Combines with bacteria proteins located in the cell wall and cytoplasm, which interferes with normal cell functions 5- Reduce chemical cleaning 6- Reduce maintenance


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