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Design for coating

It is a common refrain from customers –‘why is the surface treatment so expensive?’

The best way to answer this is to say that it is almost 100% guaranteed that the designer of the component a) knew very little or nothing about coatings and b) never spoke to coating experts when creating the drawing / specification.

Time and again the surface applicator is challenged to try and quote a part without being able to develop the masking and process techniques, made worse by the fact that the drawing is fixed and there is no way to change the often complex way the area(s) for coating have been specified.

Our industry then has the added pressure that the part arrives for coating late, with no setters and no time to manufacture any necessary tooling & perfect the process techniques.

Over and over again we see parts that could have been done at lower costs if we had been consulted at the design stage, with the added benefit of higher batch process yields and lower lead times.

Poeton Industries has a strong technical surface treatment team with a good understanding of manufacturing techniques who would be happy to engage with designers, given the chance.

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