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Coating R&D

Coating R&D

Whilst there are a plethora of global research programs into advanced coatings within academia, Poeton Industries remains one of the only commercial businesses that offers this capability to industry world-wide.

Our unique expertise combines 118 years’ experience in the application of surface coatings with over 40 years’ experience in providing technical support and coating R&D to a wide range of industrial sectors including aerospace, automotive and oil & gas.

Since the early 1990’s, Poeton have developed solutions to countless customer wear and corrosion problems or created new coatings to meet a specific client’s needs and we are able to approach each challenge from both a coating solution perspective & a commercial perspective to ensure that whatever coating we develop will be viable in production for both the customer and Poeton.

Some of our past and current work successes include;

During this time we have also worked closely with one of the leading coating developers and coating providers in the USA, General Magnaplate, and this has led to Poeton licensing some of their most advanced coatings, such as, Nedox, Tufram and Plasmadize.

In Q2/2016 our Gloucester based coating R&D department will move into new facilities that will offer improved coating development plating lines and a wider range of wear and corrosion test equipment.

Our web site,, provides a help line that anyone can use to contact us for advice and assistance and also provides an excellent range of technical coating literature via our Premium Content link which is free to access.


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