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APTICOTE ISIS an unrivalled Expert System
for the selection of engineering coatings

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Apticote ISIS

APTICOTE-ISIS is a comprehensive Expert System that guides the choice of engineering surface coatings and treatments for your engineering components, helping maximise their performance. ISIS has been developed from the knowledge of Poeton's engineers accumulated over many years experience of real world applications.

The software is based on ‘Toolbook’, taking you through a comprehensive series of questions about your component and the applications, analysing for wear (in all its different types), friction, non-stick, corrosion and other properties like electrical and thermal insulation. Starting with a large database of coatings, ISIS will distil down the range of coatings suitable for solving your problem, and then provide extensive data and process details about the coatings and their performance.

ISIS opening screen


There is a vast range of coating technologies. Using APTICOTE-ISIS allows you to consider in depth many possible solutions in a short time.

Access to specialist knowledge and experience. APTICOTE-ISIS gives you instant access to practical knowledge built up over years by Poeton's engineers, the kind of knowledge you won't find in reference books.

It'll broaden your horizons. Because APTICOTE-ISIS contains information about a wide range of coatings, you'll keep up to date with new developments, which will allow you to get more performance from your designs.

It'll help you get it right first time. All too often, surface coatings are used as remedial action on designs which have failed in service. The ease of using APTICOTE-ISIS lets you design coatings in right from the start, while changes are cheap.

How does APTICOTE-ISIS work?

The easiest way of learning how ISIS works and what it can do for you is to download the PDF Manual. It describes all the principles, shows the various screens and takes you through five interesting worked examples.

Using the APTICOTE-ISIS system online

APTICOTE-ISIS was built at the time of Windows XP, and it is not compatible with later versions of Microsoft operating systems. It is for this reason that Poeton have made the software consultation available online, via the website.

Access is on a ‘one user at a time’ basis, through the Remote Desktop Connection on the user's PC or laptop, usually in the Start menu, and can always be found through Search. The procedure, including user names and passwords, is described in a secure document, supplied only to users who have registered for the premium content area of the Poeton website.

How do I register?

Follow this link. It takes you to the website registration page, enabling you to set your own username and password for the site premium content. That includes access to a range of useful Design Guides, Tutorials and Technical Documents, as well as ISIS. The registration page also provides details of how to access the ISIS software.