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Apticote Coatings for the Chemical and Oil & Gas Industries

The Poeton range of engineering coatings for the Chemical and Oil & Gas Industries encompasses:

chemical, oil and gas

Poeton offer a comprehensive coating service for the chemical and oil & gas industries, meeting the challenge provided by the very harsh and demanding environments.

Typical Apticote Applications in the
Chemical, Oil and Gas Industries

  • Titanium flex tubes and cases
  • Rope termination plates
  • Potting frames
  • Gate valves
  • Coring tubes
  • Sub-sea systems (towed arrays,
    cameras, robots, etc.)
  • Fibre optic connectors
  • Actuator mandrels
  • Gripper trees and housings
  • Titanium enclosures and threads
  • Seal faces
  • Pump parts, splines and couplings
  • Connectors and mandrels

These include sea water corrosion problems, aggressive chemicals, galling and seizure of threads, often in titanium alloys, wear protection of seal faces and valve surfaces, and providing low friction on connectors and mandrels. We even have treatments to electrically insulate surfaces, often the most effective way to reduce galvanic corrosion, including surfaces in contact with titanium..

We are at the forefront of surface coating and treatment suppliers to some of the world's leading chemical and oil & gas companies, and one of our crucial advantages is our technical support and laboratory backup. Using our expertise in characterising and understanding wear and corrosion processes, we work with our customers on a project basis, ensuring that the most effective coating solution is identified.

Which Apticote coating do I specify?



Application areas and benefits

Apticote 100 Precision hard chrome We specialise in precision plating, using jigging and robbers custom designed in our workshop, avoiding the need for expensive post-grinding or linishing. Parts include seal faces, mandrels, pump plates and shafts. We can provide an undercoat of thin-dense chrome for ensured corrosion protection.
Apticote 200 Polymer coatings A family of polymer coatings offering corrosion protection, low friction and wear prevention. Parts include rope termination plates, potting frames and gate valves. Poeton will advise on which of the Apticote 200 coatings is best for a given application
Apticote 300 Hard anodising and sulphuric acid anodised of aluminium, and titanium anodising Our sulphuric acid anodising gives greater than 1500 hours salt spray endurance, for corrosion protection of aluminium parts. Our Apticote 300 hard anodising provides exceptional wear resistance, and is suitable for lightweight structural parts that might be subject to mild erosion. We specialise in treating titanium, with our Apticote 300T process, on parts such as titanium flex tubes and cases
Apticote 350 and
Apticote 355
Composite hard anodising of aluminium A range of anodic specialised processes with polymer infusion, providing exceptional wear and corrosion protection (up to 15,000 hours salt spray) for aluminium alloys. Parts include sub-sea systems, as well as towed arrays, cameras and robots
Apticote 400 A high quality electroless nickel coating Ideal for precision parts needing anti-fretting and corrosion protection, on parts such as splines, couplings and gasket faces. The Apticote 400P variant gives exceptional corrosion protection, for instance on fibre optic connectors
Apticote 450 An electroless nickel/polymer composite Providing very low friction, wear resistance and anti-fretting. Good for gasket faces where there is the risk of relative thermal expansion, and for anti-galling on threads, including titanium.
Apticote 460 An electroless nickel/polymer composite Providing more wear resistance than the A450 variety, with low friction and corrosion protection. Used on actuator mandrels, gripper trees and housings
Apticote 800 Thermally sprayed coatings We offer a wide range of metals, cermets and ceramics for wear resistance on seal faces, valve parts, shafts and housings. Poeton will advise on which of our many coatings, cermets, ceramics and alloys, is the best choice for your application.
Apticote Keronite 3000 An electro-ceramic coating for aluminium, magnesium and titanium alloys. The ultimate wear protection for parts made in lightweight alloys, and for providing an electrically insulating surface on titanium to prevent galvanic corrosion of mating parts

Case Histories

Sub-sea arrays

Advanced anodic composites for the chemical and oil and gas industries Problem - Our customer had a requirement to protect large aluminium electronic housings from the extremely hostile environment found in sub-sea surveying. Traditional anodising treatments could not withstand the constant insertion and extraction from sea water

Solution - Poeton undertook a laboratory research project, simulating the service conditions and evaluating a range of coating options. With some proprietary improvements, our Apticote 355 advanced anodic composite was shown to solve the problem, giving up to 15,000 hours of salt spray protection (MIL-A-8625 & ASTM B-117), which is 44 times higher than the 336 hours specified in the customer's Mil specification.


Auger Problem - An Auger is a device for mixing and moving liquids. Our customer had a requirement to mix a very sticky resin, resulting in massive build up of the product on the Auger surface, and then jamming. It was costing thousands of pounds in shutdown and cleaning costs.

Solution - Poeton looked at the problem in the laboratory, performing adhesion trials between the product and various coatings. It was essential that any coating be food compliant, and Poeton recommended their Apticote 460M advanced nickel composite, 25 microns thick. It worked! The customer was able to run the machine for weeks without needing to stop and clean down - saving him those thousands of pounds.

How do I make an enquiry about my problem?

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