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Apticote Coatings for the Medical Industry

Poeton offer a comprehensive range of coatings to improve the performance of medical components. These encompass:

medical coatings

Poeton offer a unique coating service for all aspects of the medical industry, providing all the necessary quality systems, including USDA and FDA compliance, and with an unrivalled laboratory facility to underpin our highly sophisticated coating technology.

Typical Apticote Medical Applications

  • Prosthesis
  • Fracture management equipment
  • Artificial limbs
  • Surgical instruments
  • Analytical equipment
  • Cutting machinery
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Theatre equipment
  • Cryogenic pumps
  • Sterilisation equipment

We can provide precision, high quality surface treatments that meet all the stringent needs of the medical sector, with formal quality and processing procedures set out for every application.

Our experience and track-record is unrivalled, bringing performance benefits to all aspects of the sector.

Which Apticote coating do I specify?



Application areas and benefits

Apticote 200 Non-stick and low friction A range of polymer coatings providing low friction/non-stick/easy clean surfaces for medical devices and moulds, or for improving productivity of medical processing equipment - FDA COMPLIANT*
(Poeton will advise on which of the Apticote 200 coatings is best for a given application, and on the question of medical compatibility*)
Apticote 350 and
Apticote 356
Corrosion protection for aluminium parts, with low friction A range of composite anodising processes, incorporation low friction and non-stick polymers, and with enhanced corrosion protection. Providing corrosion protection, increased wear life and low friction/non-stick for aluminium medical moulds or machinery - FDA COMPLIANT*
Apticote 450 Wear resistance and low friction A unique electroless nickel- polymer composite that provides ultra low friction combined with superb wear resistance. For proving maximum wear life and low friction on machine components that must endure the most arduous sliding conditions, where abrasion is a major problem - NOT FDA COMPLIANT*
Apticote 460 Ultimate non-stick The ultimate non-stick system, based on electroless nickel and a very advanced polymer infusion. Prevents sticking during moulding by the most aggressive medical products, even high temperature silicone-based implants - FDA COMPLIANT*
Apticote 810 Toughest, hardest non-stick coating, with maximum wear resistance The toughest, hardest non-stick coating system, based on thermal spraying and polymer infusion. For sealing and sticking problems in mass production medical packaging, capable of withstanding temperatures above 200Deg C - FDA COMPLIANT*

* For details on Poeton medical compliance, via the FDA, UFDA and CFR21,, follow this link

Case Histories

Blister Pack Moulds

Blister packsProblem - The production of plastic blister pack packaging using aluminium moulds presented a need for good release, coupled with a major problem of acid corrosion from the plastic.

Solution - Apticote 350F solved both problems in one hit, protecting and sealing the aluminium alloy surface and at the same time providing superb non-stick and wear resistance against the very aggressive product.

Silicone Implant Moulds

medical implantsProblem - The moulding of silicone implants presented the most severe sticking problems that the producer had ever experienced.

Solution - The high precision Apticote 460 coating extended the mould life by 10 fold, and completely eliminated tears and flashing.

Medical Gauze

medical gauzeProblem - A healthcare company manufacturing and packaging stiffened gauze found that the product literally sawed its way through steel guides.

Solution - The ultra hard, non-stick Apticote 810 reduced the friction and eliminated the wear. Production rates increased and downtime was greatly reduced.

Problem - Blood

BloodProblem - A leading company in blood analysing equipment found just how corrosive blood can be. Serum needles and analyser covers suffered attack, and tenacious residues of dried blood built up on components.

Solution - The application of Apticote 460 coatings allowed serum and blood residues to release from needles and covers, eliminating the need for cleaning.

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