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Apticote Coatings for the Engineering Industry

Poeton offers a wide range of coatings for the engineering industry.


Typical Apticote Applications in the Engineering Industry

  • Farming machinery - couplings, splines, shafts
  • Excavators - pneumatics, hydraulics
  • Lifting machinery - rams, clutches and pulleys
  • Mining industry - hydraulics
  • Water industry - pumps and valves
  • Construction industry - lifting gear,
  • Textile components - guides, heaters, spinners, rollers

The Poeton Apticote range of coatings can deliver wear and corrosion resistance across a wide spectrum of heavy engineering application. Our specialty is precision coating, reducing the need for expensive post-coating finishing operations - an important aspect when dealing with shafts and rams. And if it comes to a need for reduced friction or anti-fretting, our polymer coatings, combined with our hard engineering coatings, can solve many problems in clutches, couplings and splines.

We are at the forefront of surface coating and treatment suppliers to some of the world's leading Engineering companies, and one of our crucial advantages is our technical support and laboratory backup. Using our expertise in characterising and understanding wear and corrosion processes, we work with our customers on a project basis, ensuring that the most effective coating solution is identified.

Which Apticote coating do I specify?

Coating type Application areas and benefits
Apticote 100 Precision hard chrome We specialise in precision plating, using jigging and robbers custom designed in our workshop, avoiding the need for expensive post-grinding or linishing. Parts include rams, shafts, pneumatics and hydraulics. We can provide an undercoat of thin-dense chrome for ensured corrosion protection.
Apticote 300 Hard anodising and sulphuric acid anodised of aluminium, and titanium anodising Our sulphuric acid anodising gives greater than 1500 hours salt spray endurance, for corrosion protection of aluminium parts. Our Apticote 300 hard anodising provides exceptional wear resistance, and is suitable for lightweight structural parts that might be subject to mild erosion.
Apticote 350 and
Apticote 355
Composite hard anodising of aluminium A range of anodic specialised processes with polymer infusion, providing exceptional wear and corrosion protection (up to 15,000 hours salt spray) for aluminium alloys used in the more aggressive environments.
Apticote 400 A high quality electroless nickel coating Ideal for precision parts needing anti-fretting and corrosion protection, on parts such as splines, couplings and gasket faces. The Apticote 400P variant gives exceptional corrosion protection.
Apticote 450 An electroless nickel/polymer composite Providing very low friction, wear resistance and anti-fretting on couplings, clutches and splines. Also good for anti-galling on threads.
Apticote 800 Thermally sprayed coatings We offer a wide range of metals, cermets and ceramics for wear resistance on heavy engineering parts, and for electrical insulation. Poeton will advise on which of our many coatings, cermets, ceramics and alloys, is the best choice for your application.
Apticote Keronite 3000 An electro-ceramic coating for aluminium, magnesium and titanium alloys. The ultimate wear protection for parts made in lightweight alloys. Also, electrically insulating.

Case Histories

Industrial Scale Rubber Moulding

Advanced electroless nickel/polymer composites for rubber mouldingProblem -
Rubber moulding is a major engineering business, made more difficult by the enforced removal of solvent-based release agents. Whilst water-based products can just about do the job, they are less effective and less durable than the environmentally unfriendly versions. Our customer was complaining of lower production rates, high costs for his release agents, and unacceptable down-times.

Solution - Poeton undertook a laboratory research project, testing the rubber product against a range of our non-stick coatings. It takes a very specialist coating to cope with the stickiness of elastomeric materials, but we found just the one - the Poeton Apticote 460G advanced electroless nickel/polymer composite. Now the customer has greatly reduced his down-time and eliminated a lot of the costs involved in using release agents. What's more, as a bonus, the surface characteristics of the finished moulding are vastly superior.

Industrial Scale Labelling

thermal spray/polymer composites for print labellingProblem - Norprint Labelling Systems is one of Europe's largest labelling companies with a capacity of 6.7 billion tickets, tags and labels every year. Several of the label presses operate a re-lam and de-lam technique that peels the backing paper from a self-adhesive stock, allowing the machine to print onto the adhesive. It then joins the two substrates together again.

The stock can stick to the rollers when the machine is running, and to minimise the problem, Norprint had been covering the rollers with a layer of silicone paper - not a very effective or cost efficient solution, involving down-time and costly labour.

Solution - Poeton had a tried and tested product waiting for this problem, the Apticote 810SP, an advanced thermal spray/polymer composite. Normal non-stick coatings are just not robust enough to last very long under such arduous operating conditions, but the unique Apticote 810SP system has solved the problem of how to get a non-stick coating to firmly anchor to the print rollers, and stay there whilst it performs its 'easy release' function for the labels.

Now the machines are churning out the labels trouble-free, with more rollers being coated by Poeton every month.

How do I make an enquiry about my problem?

Please fill in the enquiry form and one of our engineers will get straight back to you.

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