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Apticote Coatings for the Automotive Industry

Poeton offer a wide range of engineering coatings for the automotive industry, for both volume production cars and high performance sports sector.

automotive coatings

Typical Apticote Automotive Applications

  • Universal couplings and CV joints
  • Spark plug central electrodes
  • Manifolds, heatshields and exhausts
  • Turbochargers
  • Cylinder liners, steel or aluminium alloy
  • Cylinder blocks and motorcycle housings
  • Gasket surfaces
  • Fasteners
  • Tyre valves
  • Pullys, drives and clutches
  • Splines and couplings
  • Callipers and forks

Poeton offer a comprehensive coating service for the automotive industry, from volume production for the mass market to the highly specialised world of competitive motorsport. We work to KANBAN, PPAP and RUNRATES production systems, and our unrivalled laboratory underpins the quality control and quality assurance procedures demanded by the industry.

We can provide precision, high quality coatings that meet all the friction, wear and corrosion requirements of the automotive sector, including surface treatments for lightweight materials like aluminium and magnesium. We are at the forefront of new technology, with Poeton coatings being applied to the emerging generation of electric cars, and it won't be long before we can offer Zn/Ni electroplate - the very best in corrosion protection systems.

Which Apticote coating do I specify?

Coating type Application areas and benefits
Apticote 100 Precision hard chrome We specialise in precision plating, using jigging and subsidiary anodes custom designed in our workshop, avoiding the need for expensive post-grinding or linishing. Parts include manifolds, housings, callipers, forks and heatshields.
Apticote 300 Hard anodising and sulphuric acid anodising of aluminium Our sulphuric acid anodising gives more than 1500 salt spray protection, and we can rack plate in large batches, ideal for corrosion protection of aluminium castings and brackets. Our Apticote 300 hard anodising provides exceptional wear resistance, and is suitable for pulleys and housings
Apticote 350 and
Apticote 355/356
Composite hard anodising of aluminium A range of anodic processes with polymer infusion, providing combined wear and corrosion protection (up to 15,000 hours salt spray) for aluminium alloys parts subject to more demanding environments
Apticote 400 A high quality electroless nickel coating Ideal for precision parts needing anti-fretting and corrosion protection, on parts such as splines, couplings and gasket faces.
Apticote 450 An electroless nickel/polymer composite Providing very low friction, wear resistance and anti-fretting. Good for gasket faces where there is the risk of relative thermal expansion.
Apticote 460 Ultimate corrosion protection The ultimate corrosion protection and low friction system, based on electroless nickel and a very advanced polymer infusion. Suitable for low volume, larger parts, rather than mass-produced small items.
Apticote 800 Thermally sprayed coatings We offer a wide range of metals, cermets and ceramics. For thermal barriers on manifolds, turbochargers and heatshields, we recommend Apticote 800/55P. For anti-scuffing on bearing surfaces, choose Apticote 800/17.
Apticote Ceramic 2000 The supreme nickel/ceramic cylinder bore coating For the ultimate engine performance, providing increased power, anti-scuffing and zero wear, at up to 18,000rpm. We can coat and hone liners, blocks and housings, including two-strokes. Visit the Poeton Aptec Division for more information
Apticote Keronite 3000 An electro-ceramic coating for aluminium and magnesium alloys. The ultimate wear protection for aluminium pulleys, brake discs and clutches. For magnesium housings, Apticote Keronite 3000 provides exceptional corrosion protection (more than 300 hours salt spray in its own right) and is the ideal post-treatment before painting.

Example Case Histories

Spark plugs

Problem - When the ceramic body of the plug is fired at high temperature and pressure, the central steel electrode must be protected from oxidation, including the terminal cap which forms the contact with the high tension lead.

Solution - Poeton solved the problem with a specially brightened sulphamate nickel, barrel plated in batches of 100,000, with statistical process control to ensure a consistent thickness over the whole part. Our laboratory devised a quality assurance procedure based on weighing batches of pins before and after plating, accurately relating the change to the coating thickness, determined by random metallographic sections.

Tyre Valves

Problem - A customer was using a new alloy for his remote tyre pressure monitoring valves, but conventional sulphuric acid anodising was failing to provide the specified 1000hrs cyclic corrosion endurance.

Solution - Working with the customer, Poeton solved the problem in our laboratory, making proprietary modifications to the process and the racking, and producing a coating that now provides for 1500hrs protection. The parts are now rack sulphuric acid anodised in batches of 10,000, and our laboratory has developed a unique accelerated corrosion procedure that can provide a weekly quality assurance test.

Protean Electric Wheel Drives

Protean Wheel MotorProblem - Corrosion of aluminium components of Protean Electric Wheel drives. Protean Electric is a leading clean technology company that designs, develops and manufactures the Protean Drive™; the most advanced in-wheel electric drive system for hybrid and battery electric vehicles.

Protean Drive™ is a fully-integrated, direct-drive solution. Each motor has a built-in inverter, control electronics and software – no separate large, heavy and costly inverter required. The direct drive configuration reduces part count, complexity and cost, by removing the need for traditional drive train components such as gearboxes, drive-shafts, axles and differentials. Protean Drive™ packages easily inside a conventional wheel and uses the original equipment vehicle bearing. The revolutionary Protean Drive™ in-wheel propulsion system is challenging the status quo by delivering practical ways to electrify full-size vehicles – with no compromises. The game changing design gives engineers and integrators the power, space, flexibility and freedom they need to create the next generation of clean and efficient vehicles – without compromising power, fun or curb-appeal. The system allows electrification of full-size family cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles.

The Protean Drive’s™ superior regenerative braking capability can substantially increase driving range and/ or reduce battery size. Powerful enough to match the performance of IC engines, the Protean Drive™ allows electrification of full-size family cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles. The system can be used in 2 and 4-wheel drive configurations and supports all plug-in electric drive architectures; it has been used in through-the-road (TTRH) parallel hybrid conversions, extended range series hybrid vehicles (SHEVs) and battery powered, non-range extended electric vehicles (BEVs).

Solution - Poeton solved all the corrosion and tribological problems with their unique Apticote 350 and Apticote 355 composite anodising, working closely with the customer on a project basis.

"Poeton is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of coatings and surface treatments, and is responsible for dealing with all the anodized components of the Protean Drive™. Protean Electric is both proud to have Poeton as its specialist partner and extremely grateful for Poeton’s expertise and experience in this area."

Andrew Vallance
Protean Electric

How do I make an enquiry about my problem?

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