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A 'One Stop Shop' for your Aerospace and Defence Coatings

NADCAP Accreditation

The Poeton One-Stop Shop offers every conceivable surface treatment and coating for the aerospace and defence industries, and all under one roof, supported by a suite of NDT inspection techniques. These encompass:

Apticote Coatings for the Aerospace and Defence Industries


(Follow the links for details of the individual processes)

Our customers can reduce costs in transport, progress administration, NDT inspection time and quality control documentation by bringing all these certified coating services under a single management, enabling Aerospace and Defence customers to place just one order for multiple surface treatments on the same component batch.

Customer Benefits

Our One Stop Coatings and Surface Treatments Service is designed for the supply chain that manufactures and provides components to the prime contractors for the aerospace and defence industries. These companies are continually under pressure to supply fully finished components that may require a complex treatment sequence such as:

Such a sequence of operations can be obtained at one site, with one purchase order, with all the necessary defence or aerospace accreditations and no intermediate delays. Our customers save both time and money, receive a fast-track service and minimise their transport and packaging costs.

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Third Party Approvals

Poeton are approved to the following Third Party Quality Systems at their two UK production sites at Cardiff and Gloucester

BSI Registered

BSI AccreditedPoeton (Gloucester) Ltd
: BS EN ISO 9001:2008 (Including SBAC AS 9100)
Certification No. FM.24657 

(Also, Poeton (Cardiff Ltd), Certification No. FM.22575)

Nadcap Accreditation

NADCAP Accredited

Poeton (Gloucester) Ltd
Standard: AS7109 Coatings (Thermal Spray) & AS7108 (Chemical processing)

Poeton (Cardiff) Ltd

We are also approved by a wide range of aerospace and defence companies, with Apticote coatings specified by name on many component drawings. For details, please look at our Approvals page. On environmental aspects, we are approved to BS EN ISO 14001:2004, Certificate No EMS 87117.

Plant Capacity

We are able to process all the major aerospace and defence components. Please see our page on Plant capacity for all the details of our processing capabilities.

Typical Apticote Aerospace and Defence Applications

Case Histories

Rotary Housings

Rotary engined drone aircraft Problem - The rotary engines in unmanned military aircraft must be 100% reliable, with no loss of power due to rotor tip wear or bore degradation. They must also be lightweight and ultra precise, made in cast aluminium alloy. This represents a major challenge for the bore coating - it must be hard, 100% adherent to the substrate, no chipping or corner build-up, and must hone to provide a seal-tip friendly surface.

Solution - Apticote 2000 Nickel/Ceramic provided the complete solution, with economic batch plating to the highest quality standards. The Poeton multi-station coating facility, backed by computer-controlled processing and stringent process chemistry control allowed large batches of housings to be processes right first time, every time.

Telescopic Ram Assemblies

Jet engine Problem - The Aluminium telescopic ram assemblies used to extend aero-engine doors during maintenance suffered from excessive vibration wear when closed and in flight. Even though it prevented corrosion, the conventional chromic anodised surface was insufficiently robust to withstand the constant fretting from the steel bearing sleeves, a deadly combination of oxidation and metal-to-metal adhesive wear.

Solution - After approaching the Poeton technical services team, with simulating wear tests on the Poeton reciprocating sliding rig, it was decided to trial Apticote 350D, a hard anodic/PTFE composite coating. Subsequent engine testing by the customer proved that Apticote 350D could withstand the constant vibration wear, eliminating the problem completely. The customer decided to switch all aluminium tube products over to Apticote 350D, which has continued to prove successful in service for over three years.

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For details of all our processing capabilities, size and capacity, please follow this link.

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