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Aerospace and Defence Approvals and
Food and Medical Industry Compliance

Our Quality Commitment

Poeton are committed to meeting Poeton 'Policy Requirements' and the requirements of our Contractual and Regulatory bodies at minimal overall cost to our customers. 'Continual Improvement' of our service is the responsibility of the whole organisation, as is maintaining the requirements of our British Standards, NADCAP and Customer Approvals

1 - Aerospace and Defence Industry - Third Party Approvals

Poeton are approved to the following Third Party Quality Systems at their two UK production sites at Cardiff and Gloucester

BSI Registered

BSI AccreditedPoeton (Gloucester) Ltd
: BS EN ISO 9001:2008 (Including SBAC AS 9100)
Certification No. FM.24657 

Poeton (Cardiff) Ltd
BS EN ISO 9001:2008 (Including SBAC AS 9100)
Number: Certification No. FM 22575

Nadcap Accreditation

NADCAP Accredited

Poeton (Gloucester) Ltd
Standard: AS7109 Coatings (Thermal Spray) & AS7108 (Chemical processing)
Certificate Number: 109401-A & 109332

Poeton (Cardiff) Ltd
NDT (PT & MT) and chemical processing
Certificate Number: 109356

Customer Account Approvals

Poeton Quality Systems

The Quality System is fully documented in the Company Quality Manuals and is supported by documented instructions and procedures for calibration, processing and inspection.

Process Control & R & D

All process solutions are maintained by our well-equipped Process Control Laboratory in accordance with documented procedures. All records of solution analysis and additions are retained. Our Laboratory is equipped with an Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, a M.A.R.S Image Analysis facility, a Micro Hardness Tester and a Salt Mist Corrosion Cabinet.

We also have a purpose built Research & Coating Development facility, (which is now included in our new ISO 9001 2008 BSI scope of registration) and can test and approve coatings for different applications, against a variety of counterface materials. We have the ability to mock up small-scale process lines to trial and test processes and pre-treatments and conduct wear, abrasion, corrosion, hardness and thickness tests as applicable.


Inspection of components is carried out at all stages of production by operators and Quality Engineers. Uniquely numbered Inspection Stamps are issued to authorised personnel. A log is kept of the allocation, date of issue and withdrawal of Inspection Stamps.

Inspection Equipment

A wide range of Inspection and measuring equipment is available, including a c.n.c. co-ordinate measuring machine, internal and external micrometers, electronic height gauges and electronic thickness gauges. All items are calibrated in accordance with controlled procedures. Master Standards are fully traceable to National Standards as appropriate.


A wide range of specifications (700+) covering surface coatings are held, including British Standards, Defence Standards, AMS and MIL Standards.

Production Records

A Process Job Card/Routing system is in use with a unique Works Order Number. This is used to record details of the process carried out, including pre-treatments and associated heat-treatments, and the results of inspection carried out.


Records are retained indefinitely for all aerospace related contracts, or in line with specific customer requirements.


It is not the company's policy to retain component drawings. We request that drawings are sent with each order. If requested, these will be returned on completion.

Quality Audits

Internal quality systems audits are carried out on a planned basis in accordance with documented procedures.


We will accept visits/audits by Accreditation Bodies and OEM Quality Auditors by prior arrangement, but please note that access to certain areas containing confidential proprietary processes is restricted, pending authorisation from the Managing Director.

Certificates of Conformity

Certificates of Conformity (Release Certificates) can be issued if so requested on the Purchase Order.

Specifying your coating

Please follow this link to view a help file on how to effectively specify your coating needs. This will greatly help us to provide you with the highest quality service and coating product.


2 Medical and Food Industry - FDA Compliance

Many of the Poeton Apticote coatings are sold with the understanding that they will come into contact with food or medical products. In order to ensure that these coatings are compliant with the relevant FDA and USDA Standards, we establish traceability and documents of approval from our material suppliers and our licensors

 FDA Approved Poeton Apticote Coatings

For a more detailed description of how the FDA, USDA and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR21) operates in relation to Apticote coatings, follow this link.


More information

Please contact our Quality Manager at Gloucester Mr Chris Curwood, Tel 44 1452 300 500, or e-mail

For information relating to our quality approvals at the Cardiff site, please contact Mr Andy Haywood,
Tel 44 29 20 388 182, or e-mail

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