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Anti-Galling Coatings

anti galling coatings

Galling is a particular wear problem in situations where the surface oxide that would normally provide some wear protection is disrupted, allowing intimate metal to metal contact. It is common with metals that have a thin, brittle oxide, specifically stainless steel, aluminium and titanium, and anti-galling coatings are often needed for bolts or fasteners. Without an anti-galling coating, threaded parts can weld together (‘galling’) and be impossible to undo.

To understand wear types fully, including galling, we recommend you read our tutorial on wear and wear resistant coatings.

For anti-galling, Poeton recommend specific coatings from their Apticote range. (Please follow the links to the product pages for detailed data on applications and performance.)

Electroless Nickel/PTFE This is probably the best example of an anti-galling coating. Poeton have tailored their Apticote 450 coating to produce the lowest friction combined with the highest wear resistance. It’s precisely controlled thickness and distribution make it ideal as an anti-galling coating for threads and fasteners.

Hard Anodising. Applicable only to aluminium alloys, hard anodising produces a hard oxide wear resistant coating, transformed from the parent metal rather than deposited as a separate coating. The hard oxide provides an anti-galling coating by eliminating the metal to metal contact. The best anti-galling coating for aluminium is achieved by combining the hard anodising with a self lubricating polymer, as in Apticote 350.

Silver Plating can also act as an anti-galling coating, since the silver provides relatively low friction. It is used mainly in specialist, high tech applications.

Thermal spray coatings, specifically molybdenum metal, which provides low friction and good wear resistance, is ideal as an anti-galling coating.

anti galling coatings

Such anti-galling coatings are applicable across a wide range of industrial sectors. Please follow the Markets menu tag on our Home Page to find your specific industry.