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People Skills

Poeton are committed to an ongoing investment in people, quality systems and our unique APTICOTE processes.


Our operators are trained in the Institute of Metal Finishers Foundation, Technicians and Tutors Courses. One member of our senior staff is dedicated to overseeing the education process, with practical and theoretical sessions, including all the Health and Safety and Environmental aspects.

Poeton are members of the Investors in People scheme.


Every year about 10 new apprentices are brought through the company, learning and gaining experience in each of our Apticote coating processes. Many have gone on to be valued an skilled operators and supervisors, serving the company loyally for much of their working lives.

Our skills

Our operators, supervisors, managers, quality staff and laboratory technicians work to the highest standards, fully trained in all aspects of the Poeton Apticote coating systems.

Process support

We have an extensive engineering workshop, staffed by skilled engineers, so that we can customise all our jigging and racking to meet specific customer needs. Our laboratory is state of the art, equipped with a wide range of analytical techniques, metallography and microscopy, ensuring accurate process control at all times. We have two fully qualified electricians, building and maintaining the high quality electrical supply systems that serve the Apticote processes.